Unterricht für Kontrabass, E-Bass und Klavier

I was 5 years old, when my mother took me to the New Year’s Eve concert of the Berlin Philharmonic and asked: “What instrument do you want to learn?” I immediately pointed to the bass group with their huge and warm-sounding instruments.

Now I am a professional musician in my 13th year, playing Jazz, Swing, Soul, Funk, Rock´n´Roll, Pop, African, Cuban, Brazilian and classical music in numerous bands and ensembles. Former tours took me to countries all over the world like: Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, China, Brazil and the USA.

One of the greatest joys in life is making music together, grooving together, swinging together with other human beings. I want to give you and your children the opportunity to experience that great feeling, too. That is the reason why I am dedicated to passing on my knowledge about music and my joy of playing it to students of all ages. I have been teaching double bass, electric bass, piano and ensemble in English or German language for 10 years now.

My individual teaching concept is orientated to the goals and the actual level of the student. Technique and theory are part of the learning process but more a means to an end. As soon as possible we will start to play songs, with an early emphasis on improvisation. Through that the student builds up a repertoire of tunes he or she can perform, learns a broad variety of different styles of music from all over the world, gets knowledge about rhythm and chords, develops a good technique, strengthens his/her creativity through making up own musical ideas and most of all: has FUN.

I still remember my first Violoncello lesson when I was five years old. This was 30 years ago now and I am still so thankful that my mother gave me this wonderful opportunity.